The Filley Biogeochemistry Research Group



approach that integrates knowledge from different scientific disciplines with stakeholders and community members to address societal challenges.

"first of its kind"

studies related to emerging pollutant fate in soil, measurements of in-situ decay rates of natural chemicals in soil, and novel application of analytical tools.


research connecting chemical transformations at the submicron scale to the landscape scale.

Foundational chemistry

for many national and international, large-scale ecosystem projects such as the NSF Critical Zone Collaborative (CZO) Network.

Photo: Tapajós National Forest fllux tower, Chico Mendes Institute for Conservation of Biodiversity.

Publication Summary: Google Scholar Citation Report (as of October, 2023): h-index 49, i10 = 104, citations =9577. P = Post-doc in Filley’s group; U = undergraduate researcher in Filley’s group; underlined = Graduate students in Filley’s group; * = Visiting scholars in Filley’s group

Peer reviewed publications

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